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Work 4 A Living

The WORK 4aLiving programme addresses two major mindsets that employers face with their workforce. Firstly it remedies the general lack of excellence in the workplace and secondly the attitude of entitlement many workers have. This renewed mindset results in a change of attitude in the employee’s outlook on life, which changes the way that they view their careers and consequently their employer. Over the years, this programme has changed thousands of employees’ attitudes and given them hope for the future.

W4AL Business Game

The phase 1 Work 4 a Living program an entrepreneurship program business game. At the end of the first week students are taught the basics of how to start a small business. Topics such as profit/loss, costing, marketing and record keeping are covered. Students are split into small groups and given R50 seed funding to start a  business. 

They 10 days to initiate a business to grow their capital Business is a foreign concept to most candidates and the first profits get their entrepreneurial juices flowing After 10 days of business the winning group is announced and they get to keep their own profits as well as 50% of the other groups profit. This stimulates the desire to succeed.

On average each group make R500 profit from the R50. Now consider that we have 30 centers around South Africa, that means each month R15 000 is being generated by new entrepreneurs from just R50 seed funding. In 2015 64 new business where started as a result of the experience of this course.

The Leva Work 4 a living center is part of a bigger organisation call Siya Sebenza. Siya Sebenza currently operates 30 W4AL centers across the African continent. These centers are easy to start and have minimal set up costs. Each center is self – sustainable as our organization realized that optimum growth could not be achieved through a funding based model. In order to ensure growth we captured the program on DVD and then train facilitators from communities to train their peers.

W4AL Centers

Centers are self sustainable. They require very limited funding and no funding to operate monthly, by aligning with schools, churches or universities thereby nullifying the operational expenditure. Each student who enrolls into the 14 day workshop program pays R 100.00
Breaking the poverty mindset by teaching candidates that nothing is free. These funds are in turn payed to the facilitator who is in essence a social entrepreneur. Most facilitators in our group were unemployed candidates attending our program. As a result we are not dependent on donor funding to maintain our growth path. This model allows us to grow without funding limitations.

Work 4aLiving centers are starting all over South Africa. Each new center is managed by a social entrepreneur and in most instances this person has come through our program and been identified as someone with talent and potential.

Siya Sebenza develops these individuals in order for them to facilitate the program in their own communities. Effectively they teach the program in their own communities and get paid by their own communities. Siya Sebenza networks with employers and finds vacancies in companies for the candidates from the communities. This acts as a drawcard for new students as they see their peers getting employed through the program. Hundreds of women and unemployed youth have benefited by going through our phase 1 Work

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